Meet the Team

Student Blogging Challenge: Week #1

This is our chant that we created together. We say it every morning “loud and proud.” It describes who we are and what we believe in:

“I, a member of the Tech City Team, pledge to step out of my comfort zone and achieve my goals. I will work hard and give 110%. I am an engineer, a Noodler, and a READER! I check my S.W.A.G. and think outside the box. Every day is a new day. I will do my best and forget the rest!”

Walk Our World 2015

Foot PrintRoom One is participating in the “Walk Our World” global event.  We are working together with classes all over the world to walk the circumference of the Earth.  We need 87,653,456 steps to make a complete trip around the world.  Each student has been wearing a pedometer and recording steps in a log on a daily basis.  Each Friday, we calculate our totals and enter them on the official Walk Our World website.  To learn more about this project click HERE.

We also created a scavenger hunt for this event and we want YOU or YOUR CLASS to join us.  It’s fun, engaging, and FREE!  All you need is an Instagram account (free) and a copy of the scavenger hunt items.  So grab a parent, teacher, or family friend and get walking.  Count those steps as you cross those items off your list.  For a copy of the rules and item list, click Walk Our World Scavenger Hunt.

If you have other items that would be fun to add to the list, please leave your ideas in the comments below.  We will be happy to add new items to the list!  Happy walking…and clicking!

Hj Mohd RoCreative Commons Licensesanno Hj Omar Ali via Compfight

2014 Edublogs Awards

We are so excited to announce that one of our students was nominated for the “Best Student Blog 2014.”  Congratulations to Mateo for your hard work and dedication to keeping up your blog and making connections.  To visit Mateo’s blog, please click here!

If you’d like to vote for his blog, click HERE to use Polldaddy.  Remember you can vote once per day!

You can also vote HERE using List.Ly.  Don’t forget to like Mateo’s Blog by clicking the “Thumbs Up” symbol.

See full list on Listly

Active Engagement…Time for an Upgrade!

My colleagues and I have worked together to increase active engagement in the classroom.  In the video below, you will walk with us through our journey of this process.  We would like to thank PD INC for making this possible.

Guess the Idiom

Our class has been learning about idioms.  Idioms are considered an example of figurative language since you can not interpret the saying or expressions literally.  It would just be silly!  The students of Room One created some idiom puzzles for our viewers to solve.  Try to guess the idiom puzzles below.  If you think you know, feel free leave a comment.  (No peeking at previous comments).

Try to create your own idiom puzzle and invite us to guess your idiom.  Make sure you comment below with a link to your puzzle.


Digital Footprints

footprint on the sand Creative Commons License Photo Credit: ezioman via Compfight

Our class has been learning about Digital Footprints through the Student Blogging Challenge.  We have learned many interesting facts about our digital footprints.  Digital footprints are traces of data that are left behind like a trail of breadcrumbs of someone’s digital activity.  After watching two informative videos on this topic, we learned:

  • Your digital footprint starts begins before you are even born
  • It continues even after your death
  • People can see what you search and watch on the Internet
  • Your address and phone number are part of your D.F.
  • You can erase your browsing history and cookies and your footprint will remain unchanged
  • Whoever uses your computer (account) adds to your D.F.
  • It is important to log out of all computers you use when not using them
  • When you get married or have children, they contribute to your D.F.

What does your digital footprint say about you?  Google your name or online nicknames to see what your digital footprint says about you?  Are you surprised at what you find?


Whoa, What’s That?…Digestion


My class and I did a awesome science lab! What we did was awesome because our class got pantyhose and oatmeal and  put a knot in on the end of one side of the pantyhose. Next my group and I put the oatmeal in the pantyhose and tied a knot on the other side of the pantyhose. Last we pushed the oatmeal through the pantyhose, and all the liquid was coming out of the pantyhose into a bucket.  That’s what my class and I called nutrients. The reason that they called it nutrients was because the science lab my class was doing was about the small intestine. After my group and I got mostly all the nutrients out of the oatmeal, it weighed  6 oz but when all the nutrients was in the oatmeal it weighed 10 oz. This is how the small intestine sucks up nutrients and then sends it to the blood cells. For or me, it was a awesome science lab.

Does your class do any science experiments?  If so, what was your favorite?