Digital Footprints

footprint on the sand Creative Commons License Photo Credit: ezioman via Compfight

Our class has been learning about Digital Footprints through the Student Blogging Challenge.  We have learned many interesting facts about our digital footprints.  Digital footprints are traces of data that are left behind like a trail of breadcrumbs of someone’s digital activity.  After watching two informative videos on this topic, we learned:

  • Your digital footprint starts begins before you are even born
  • It continues even after your death
  • People can see what you search and watch on the Internet
  • Your address and phone number are part of your D.F.
  • You can erase your browsing history and cookies and your footprint will remain unchanged
  • Whoever uses your computer (account) adds to your D.F.
  • It is important to log out of all computers you use when not using them
  • When you get married or have children, they contribute to your D.F.

What does your digital footprint say about you?  Google your name or online nicknames to see what your digital footprint says about you?  Are you surprised at what you find?


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