Whoa, What’s That?…Digestion


My class and I did a awesome science lab! What we did was awesome because our class got pantyhose and oatmeal and  put a knot in on the end of one side of the pantyhose. Next my group and I put the oatmeal in the pantyhose and tied a knot on the other side of the pantyhose. Last we pushed the oatmeal through the pantyhose, and all the liquid was coming out of the pantyhose into a bucket.  That’s what my class and I called nutrients. The reason that they called it nutrients was because the science lab my class was doing was about the small intestine. After my group and I got mostly all the nutrients out of the oatmeal, it weighed  6 oz but when all the nutrients was in the oatmeal it weighed 10 oz. This is how the small intestine sucks up nutrients and then sends it to the blood cells. For or me, it was a awesome science lab.

Does your class do any science experiments?  If so, what was your favorite?


5 thoughts on “Whoa, What’s That?…Digestion

  1. I really enjoyed listing to my son Nicholas telling me about there project. It was just really cool that they do these & then share there work..

    • The class experiment was wonderful. I wish I could have been in your class during the experiment. Thanks for sharing what you learned. Your report was very informative. I have to admit, I didn’t know how the small intestine worked till now.

  2. Hi my name is hooreen and my class did a lot of experiments and my favourite one was when we made the roller coster.

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