Eye On It!

After my class analyzed the lyrics to “Eye On It” by Toby Mac, we decided to create a video.  Watch the video and tell us what you think about our interpretation of the lyrics.  Have you made a video with your class before?  If so, please share the link in the comments below.

Create a WordFoto

I came across this cool app for the ipad as I was looking for an “All About Me” project to start the year.  The app cost $1.99, but the end product is priceless.  I used my own child as a model since we are out on summer vacation (although he will be my student next year).  Do you have any other Back-to-School ideas?  Please comment below.wordfotoHere is a link to the app in the itunes store:  Wordfoto

Active Engagement…Time for an Upgrade!

My colleagues and I have worked together to increase active engagement in the classroom.  In the video below, you will walk with us through our journey of this process.  We would like to thank PD INC for making this possible.