3 thoughts on “Leaving a Comment

  1. Hi Mrs Vazquezs (and class)!

    I loved how you have made this acrostic poem to show how to comment on other’s blogs. I also value how you have taken time to think about the important things you need to use when commenting. Good job! Go visit my blog for more posts like your’s: http://siennaw618.edublogs.org

    Sienna 🙂

  2. HI Mrs Vazquezs and class
    When i first came on to your pages is was very creative, When i was came to visit your pages it , it gave me a warm feeling.

  3. Dear Mrs.Vazquezes,
    Hello! I’m hmskaya. I just read your little list of “How to Comment!” I really enjoyed it. I’m gonna try to do that from now on. Did you make anymore of those checklists for different posts? If you did, I’d definetely like to read it! Do you like to do Arts and Crafts? Based on the checklist I think you’re very creative! Since you might be reading this post <a href="http://hmskaya.edublogs.org"<Come Check Out My Blog
    Have a great Day,

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