M.S.I. Members

Students that are members of the M.S.I. Club are Masters of the Skills of Independence.  These students are nominated by their peers and/or apply by filling out an application that illustrates they are worthy of the title.  It is quite an honor to be a member of this club.

When students become a member we have a ceremony.  They are welcomed first thing in the morning by a small cake sitting on their desk.  They choose a lanyard of their choice with a badge that indicates that they are indeed, a member of the M.S.I. Club.  They wear it with pride and receive many privileges by wearing this badge.  They can read anywhere in class, use their badge as a hall pass, eat outside the cafeteria, and much more.

After students are welcomed by their delicious treat, the ceremony begins.  They sit on their desk and we show the video the class has helped me create.  Their classmates wrote why they think the student earned the right to be a member of the club.  I use quotes from their classmates to incorporate into the video.  I also include quotes  they have said about themselves as well.  After the viewing of the video, they are given the lanyard that signifies that they are a member of the M.S.I. Club.

To be a member of the M.S.I Club you need to:

  • Make wise use of your time
  • Be trusted to do the right thing
  • Not be easily distracted
  • Be a self-starter

These are our current members of the M.S.I. Club!





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