Multiplication Mania

We are LOVING Edmodo’s multiplication app “Sundae Times.  We are practicing our multiplication facts by challenging our peers schoolwide.  We invited another 4th and 5th grade class to join us by logging on at the same time in the morning.  The result…students were competing against each other even though they were sitting in a classroom on the other side of campus.  Because the game randomly chooses competitors for you, some of the students practiced their multiplication facts with other students around the world.

Times Tables Game from Mangahigh

If you’d like to try to join us for a friendly round of “Sundae Times” practice, reply to our post and let us know that you’re interested.  If we play at the same time and same day, we might get to play each other.


The Locker Problem

We worked on this challenging problem for 3 weeks.  We analyzed number patterns like never before.  Together, we found many patterns, and had many “Ah ha!” moments!  If you would like to experience this challenging, but yet engaging problem, watch our video and join the learning community!

Questions to consider:

Which lockers would be open if there were 100 lockers? How do you know?

WHY do these lockers remain open?

If you’d like to explore this problem further, download the following link to more questions.

The Locker Problem