4 thoughts on “Meet the Class

  1. G’day Mrs Vazquez and students,
    What a great way to show off your avatars and about me all in one hit. This will be mentioned on our post for this week.

  2. What a terrific way to collaborate (using Google Slides) and to allow each student to create their own All About Me. I think I might have to borrow this stroke of brilliance for Back to School…what a terrific way to allow the students to introduce themselves. 🙂 May I ask which avatar making sites you could access from school?

    Mrs. Rombach from Virginia

  3. HELLO!! I am a fourth grade student who is in a class that loves to blog! I love your All About Me slideshow. We are also participating in The Student Blogging Challenge. All of your blogs are great and I can’t wait to see more being posted. If you could go check out our website, that would be great! Good luck in the Blogging Challenge!

    Best Regards,
    Ellasyn https://mrsmckelvey.edublogs.org/

  4. Hello Mrs Vazquez and students,
    I love your slideshow! What an awesome way to show off the avatars and share their About Me stories! It’s a wonderful idea that can be shared with parents and guests at a school open house.

    I have a widget on my blog where visitors can leave voice messages. Perhaps your class could visit and share how much they enjoy the blogging challenge?
    Thanks for sharing.
    Dinah (#stubc)

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