Student Blogging Challenge

We are so excited to participate in the Student Blogging Challenge. We call ourselves, “The Challengers” from Room 30, so naturally we would jump on the opportunity to learn something new! Since you’re already here, feel free to click on some student blogs (located on the right) and check out our first posts! Thanks for visiting!

How do you challenge yourself with your learning? Please comment below.

6 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge

  1. G’day Mrs Vazquez’ s class,
    Great to have you in the challenge again this year. Remember if you want someone to leave a comment on a post relating to the challenge, to fill in the Google form on the bottom of each weekly post on the student challenge blog.

    • Miss W,
      Where does the information on the list go? How do we access blogs that comment each week? It’s a little different this time, no?
      Mrs. Vazquez

      • There is still a list on the sidebar or above the header of those students taking part in the challenge. But instead of having mentors who often were looking after students who weren’t really taking part, this year we have commenters who visit those students who leave a link to their post on that form. I have sent you an email with that link and a question if your class would like to look after a certain number of comments each week.

  2. Hi, Mrs. Vazquez.
    I’m the commenter for Luci this week, and I tried to comment on her commenting page, but it doesn’t seem like my comment was posted. Could you check on this?
    May Wohlafka

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