Guess My Idiom!

Have you ever thought about where your photos come from when you search the web? If not, you should. There are many pictures that are floating around out there that are not allowed to be used even for classroom projects.  Our class is participating in the Student Blogging Challenge, and we are learning how to search for photos and give them the proper attribution. Click on the hyperlinks to find out how you can use and post photos properly.

We have been practicing using photos in our blog posts and giving the proper attribution (photo credit). Can you READ the following pictures and guess my idiom?guess-my-idiom

If you think you have an idea, leave a comment below. We’d love for you to create one and challenge us! Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments.




5 thoughts on “Guess My Idiom!

  1. Hi Mrs Vazquez.
    What a fun way to use images and teach about attribution. Do you mind if I borrow your idea? We are taking part in the challenge again, some new and some old bloggers, and I think using images correctly will probably be our next challenge.
    Mrs Riding

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