Your Digital Footprint…

Room One has been learning about our Digital Footprints (also known as our Digital Dossier).  As active participants in the Student Blogging Challenge, we were encouraged to discover how our footprint can leave a positive or negative impression.  Here is what we have discovered so far…


Take the challenge!  Try googling yourself.  What does your digital footprint say about you?

Here are a couple links to videos that we watched.

Privacy Student Intro Video

Youth and Media: Digital Dossier

Have you found a video that helps people understand digital footprints?  If so, please add the link in the comments.  We’d love to learn more!

One thought on “Your Digital Footprint…

  1. Dear Mrs.Vasquez’s class,

    This interested me because it really important that you protect yourself online and watch what you post on the Internet or what you comment on and protect your image. What made you decide to blog about your digital image?


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