Igniting a Passion for Reading

DSC_0381We have started volunteer book clubs in Room One.  We decided for the first round we would have The Girls Book Club and The Boys Book Club. The girls read Firegirl by Tony Abbott.  We fell in love with this book!  After reading the book, we met during our lunch and engaged in a great book talk while munching on some delicious snacks.

During our book chat we asked clarifying questions, shared our favorite parts, and evaluated the author’s purpose and motivation.  To close, we each chose one adjective to describe Jessica’s character.  If you’ve read this amazing book, which adjective would you chose to describe Jessica?

Would your class like to be involved in a book club with us?  Please comment below and let us know if you’re interested.  We are looking forward to networking with others and possibly using Skype for a book chat.

Click here to see what the girls are currently reading.

2 thoughts on “Igniting a Passion for Reading

  1. Hello,
    How are you doing? We thought we’d check by your blog site and see what you are doing. There are a lot of you. Do you have one or two teachers?
    What can you tell us that is special about the place your go to school and live? Is it in the city or rural? Do you go to a small school or large?

    Are there fun things to do there?
    What kind of biome is in your area? Our fifth grade students are studying biomes. Our third and fourth doing National Parks. Do you think the two topics go together?
    Mrs. Todd and 820 Roadrunner Students

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