“Speak Life”

The students of Room One have made a video!  We love the song “Speak Life” by Toby Mac.  We fell in love with the song as soon as we heard it.  We analyzed the lyrics and wrote the message we think the artist is trying to speak to our hearts.  We wanted to share with others what this song means to us.

Click HERE to get a copy of the lyrics.

8 thoughts on ““Speak Life”

  1. Wow! I love this video! You’ve inspired me to do something like this with the kids at my school in NJ. You rock, Room 1!

  2. Hello students,
    You did a wonderful job analyzing the video and thinking about what it means. Job well done. Are there other songs you would like to do? What makes your school the best? You seem to enjoy it. I also watched about your classroom and all the electronics you have on the news broadcast.

    Mrs. Todd

  3. THat is the best thing ever you guys used my favorite song and thae video has so much meaning!!!!!! You guys are the best of the bestest

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