Magical Melting Art

Don’t you hate it when you leave your crayons out in the sun and they melt and make a big mess? But if you look closer at that big, melted mess, you can see some pretty amazing color patterns and unique drippage! We decided to take the idea of melting crayons and turn it into some amazing art pieces.  We are really proud of our work!  Each piece is very unique and represents the unique interests and personalities of the members in “The Hornet’s Nest.”IMG_0288

Each student came up with their own unique idea and then we melted the crayons on a 12 x 12 piece of canvas.  I think they did an awesome job!  We hung these up for Open House and received lots of “OOOOhhhhs” and “AAaahhhs.”

What are some of your favorite art projects?  We’d love to hear about them.  Please post pictures or links in the the comments below!






28 thoughts on “Magical Melting Art

  1. Very creative!

    This is a great example of lots of hard work on the part of the teacher and lots of effort on the part of the students resulting in amazing results. I appreciate how some students chose to have the colors fall like rain and others used it as a star burst effect around the subject. One of my favorites is the “I Love Science” where the colors are a recognizable image with only part of it distorted with the heat.


  2. Dear Mrs. Vavquez’s class,
    I love how original and creative this artwork is! Was it hard to make? Do you have the step-by-step directions? We just finished a directed drawing of a male lion’s portrait. Now we are starting a 3D fish!
    Thank you for sharing,
    Ms. Jasielum

  3. Hi, I am Ryanne. I am in Shirley’s 6th grade class and I joined the challenge as well. I really like how you used the colors that represented you most. It is really cool! I would have used the colors Blue, Purple, and Black (those are the colors of my softball team). I just have two questions. How did the crayon colors not mix? How did you make the crayons melt in that way? Thanks for reading!

  4. Mrs. Vasquez ,

    This is very creative and cool idea. The art is really cool. I actually tried that one time where I put colored crayons out in the same on a piece of paper. This is very unique.
    – d gutierrez

  5. I really like the idea of creating art out of grand jubble of colors. They also are really unique as they have no real set pattern. A question I have for you is how did you discover this in the first place was it accidental or on purpose.

  6. Dear Mrs. Vazquez class,
    These projects are very creative. It’s a project I haven’t seen before. I like how there is bright colors.


  7. Hello Mrs.Vazquez’s Class,
    Your artwork is beautiful. I love the concept of using crayons in a different way to create such a beautiful piece of artwork. Your class is truly talented.

    Visit our class website,

  8. Dear Mrs. Vavquez’s class,
    I like the creativity and color of your Open House project. This project reminds me of a project I did in elementary school where we melted crayons and turned the melted crayon into different shapes.

    – Rbilonoac

  9. Dear Mrs. Vasquez’s Class,

    This project looks awesome!! I like how you added a shape or dirtier to combine and make it even more unique. I’ve always wanted to try this, did it take that long to do?

  10. Hi Mrs. Vazquez

    These are amazing pieces of art. I love each and everyone of them. It must have taken a lot of talent to make them. I couldn’t even tell they were by kids! How did you make them? Is there more to it than just melting crayons? If you’d like to, you can check out my blog. Here is the link


    • Dear Tess,
      Thanks for your compliment. This was a fun project my 4th graders did at the end of the year. It was quite a process, but not very difficult. The first thing we did was take pictures of ourselves doing our favorite thing. Most of the action pictures were sports related, but many students were creative and drew a picture of their favorite thing. After we printed out our pictures, we traces ourselves using carbon copy paper onto the canvas board. Then we colored in our silhouette with Sharpie. Lastly, each student picked out 8-12 colored crayons and taped them together. A parent volunteer helped them heat up the crayons and apply the melted mess. You should try it! It was fun!
      Mrs. Vazquez

  11. I love this art. It is a way for each student to express themselves with something simple:a box of crayons.I have attempted to do this but ended up just getting the kitchen messy.

  12. Dear Mrs. Vasquez’s class, I really liked the project you guys did. It was very creative and I have never seen anything like it. Maybe now I’ll try it. The way the crayons melted really did look magical. What did you use to melt them?

    • Thank you for your compliment. We used a small heating gun. You can find one like it here: . We tried using a hair dryer, but it was a bit too messy. We found that you have more control over the mess if you use a the heating gun. You should try it. It was a lot of fun!

      Mrs. Vazquez

  13. Dear Mrs. Vasquez,
    I love each and every one of these pieces of art work. I also love all of the different colors. How did you get the melted crayons to melt outwards?


  14. Wow!
    I love art a lot. I think it is very creative to make an art piece out of melted crayons. They are truly a great sight. My favourite type of art is most likely drawing and sculpting with clay and plasticine. What are your favourite projects to do? What other art projects have you done?

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