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I came across this cool app for the ipad as I was looking for an “All About Me” project to start the year.  The app cost $1.99, but the end product is priceless.  I used my own child as a model since we are out on summer vacation (although he will be my student next year).  Do you have any other Back-to-School ideas?  Please comment below.wordfotoHere is a link to the app in the itunes store:  Wordfoto

12 thoughts on “Create a WordFoto

  1. Oh my gosh! I love it. I’m going to do one for myself just for fun!!! Maybe I’ll have the staff do theirs and we can make a bulletin board in the lobby of the school.
    Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Awesome Idea. I plan to get hold of that app and hopefully this will be another great project for the beginning of next year! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi There

    I tweeted out a link to your post and some of our users have been asking which specific app you used. Can you share a link to the app in the iTunes store so I can pass it on?


    Sue Waters
    Support Manager
    Edublogs | CampusPress

    • Thanks for sharing my post! I went ahead and added a link to the itunes store at the end of the post. Good idea!

      Mrs. Vazquez

  4. Hello Mrs.Vazquez it’s Daizjah I jist wanted to say that the word photo is awsome! And I miss you!


  5. Mrs Vasquez
    This photo looks amazingly good. I came to this blog because the photo caught my attention. Why didn’t you write more about the photo or app.

  6. Just curious, trying this for an auction project, what background did you have? Black? Is that how the words came out white. Did you mess with the style or did this photo just turn out like this? I’m asking bc when I try word photo the image gets hard to see who it is bc if all the words. Yours is clear! So fun!!!

    • Thanks for your feedback. The background is white. On this app, I was able to choose between a variety of fonts. This one just happened to look the best. Good luck! Make sure you have plenty of lighting. I’d love to see one you made. Post a link to it here.

      Mrs Vazquez

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