QuadBlogging Buddies

Credit: iStockPhoto

Credit: iStockPhoto

We are excited to share that we are QuadBlogging with three other classes from around the world.  QuadBlogging allows the students to share their work with other students from different parts of the world.  Each class will take turns being the “Spotlight” class.  When you are the spotlight class, the other three classes will visit your blog and leave comments on the works you have posted.  We are looking forward to sharing our learning with our new blogging friends.

Ms. Staker’s 4th Grade (Italy)

Hardy Mill Primary School (UK)

Bellfield Primary School (England)


2 thoughts on “QuadBlogging Buddies

  1. A big hello to Mrs Vazquez’s class!
    We are new to Quadblogging and have only started blogging this year.
    We are looking forward to finding out about you and your school and look forward to reading and commenting on your posts.

    Best wishes,

    Year 5 Hardy Mill and Mrs Golightly

  2. Thank you for all your comments on our class blog!
    It’s late evening over here, so hopefully the children will read your comments tomorrow and we hope to take a look at all of your blogs soon!

    Keep blogging!

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