makerspaceOur class had the opportunity to visit the amazing MakerSpace at our county office.  The students had a blast learning about Sandboxes and how they function.  They have been coding and programming in the classroom, but this experience allowed them to see it in action.  Some students programmed lights to flicker and change colors, while others experimented with temperature and sound sensors.DSC_0712

After tinkering with the Sandboxes, students created LED flowers out of  plastic drinking bottles. This was a perfect project for us since we just learned about recycling and upcycling the week before.DSC_0738

Before leaving the MakerSpace, Mrs. Carlson let us tour the green room.  The students wouldn’t stop talking about all the cool things they learned.  What a great experience!

Have you visited a MakerSpace?  What activities did you do?



5 thoughts on “MakerSpace

  1. What a great post! Your class was amazing! I loved how curious and adventurous your students were and how they took to coding so naturally.

    Can’t wait to have you back! 🙂

  2. I am always impressed with your class posts and am especially pleased with your MakerSpace visit. Can you see me smiling?

  3. How wonderful that the class was able to make good use of the MakerSpace. Learning through creation and experimentation is VERY powerful.

  4. Dear Mrs.Vasquez’s class,

    It looks like you guys had a lot of fun doing these experiments I hope to one day also visit this center. How did you come up with this field trip and what was your favorite part?


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