Your Digital Footprint…

Room One has been learning about our Digital Footprints (also known as our Digital Dossier).  As active participants in the Student Blogging Challenge, we were encouraged to discover how our footprint can leave a positive or negative impression.  Here is what we have discovered so far…


Take the challenge!  Try googling yourself.  What does your digital footprint say about you?

Here are a couple links to videos that we watched.

Privacy Student Intro Video

Youth and Media: Digital Dossier

Have you found a video that helps people understand digital footprints?  If so, please add the link in the comments.  We’d love to learn more!

The Oreo Challenge

Have you ever wondered how many OREOS you can stack?  Our class participated in the O.R.E.O project.  In the OREO project, you have two chances to stack the tallest tower you can before it falls down.  We wrote a hypothesis and estimated that we could stack about 20 OREOS before the tower collapsed.  When we were finished, we analyzed the data and found the class mean or average.  After crunching the data, we discovered that our class mean was exactly 20.  Crazy, right?


Our top stacker was Marcia.  She was able to stack 26 OREOS before her tower came crashing down.  But what really surprised us was our Kinder Buddies.  Later that afternoon, we visited our Kinder friends and supported them in the OREO challenge.  One girl was able to match our maximum stacker by creating an OREO tower 26 cookies tall.  Take a look at the action by watching our slideshow.

Oreo Stacking by Room One on PhotoPeach

After we were finished stacking OREOS and crunching data, we carefully scraped out the oreo guts and used them to make sculptures.  The students had so much fun and made some pretty awesome sculptures.  Take a look at our OREO gallery by viewing the slideshow…

Oreo Sculptures on PhotoPeach

In the end, I challenged the whole class to learn the OREO hand game by the end of the week.  Most students took the bait and was able to complete the challenge.  As a matter of fact, they are still perfecting it while standing in line at lunch and after recess.  They are even teaching students from other classes and family members at home.

Has your class ever participated in a challenge like this?  Would you like to participate in a challenge with our class?  If so, please comment below and share your ideas!

 Photo Credit: Daniel Oines via Compfight

Create a WordFoto

I came across this cool app for the ipad as I was looking for an “All About Me” project to start the year.  The app cost $1.99, but the end product is priceless.  I used my own child as a model since we are out on summer vacation (although he will be my student next year).  Do you have any other Back-to-School ideas?  Please comment below.wordfotoHere is a link to the app in the itunes store:  Wordfoto

Guess the Idiom

Our class has been learning about idioms.  Idioms are considered an example of figurative language since you can not interpret the saying or expressions literally.  It would just be silly!  The students of Room One created some idiom puzzles for our viewers to solve.  Try to guess the idiom puzzles below.  If you think you know, feel free leave a comment.  (No peeking at previous comments).

Try to create your own idiom puzzle and invite us to guess your idiom.  Make sure you comment below with a link to your puzzle.


Digital Footprints

footprint on the sand Creative Commons License Photo Credit: ezioman via Compfight

Our class has been learning about Digital Footprints through the Student Blogging Challenge.  We have learned many interesting facts about our digital footprints.  Digital footprints are traces of data that are left behind like a trail of breadcrumbs of someone’s digital activity.  After watching two informative videos on this topic, we learned:

  • Your digital footprint starts begins before you are even born
  • It continues even after your death
  • People can see what you search and watch on the Internet
  • Your address and phone number are part of your D.F.
  • You can erase your browsing history and cookies and your footprint will remain unchanged
  • Whoever uses your computer (account) adds to your D.F.
  • It is important to log out of all computers you use when not using them
  • When you get married or have children, they contribute to your D.F.

What does your digital footprint say about you?  Google your name or online nicknames to see what your digital footprint says about you?  Are you surprised at what you find?


Student Blogging Challenge

sbc_2014_d-1fonf8sWe did it!  We signed up for the Student Blogging Challenge!  Each week we will have a new task to complete as participants of the challenge.  This week the challenge was to create or update an “About Me” page on our blogs.  Since many of the students had already accomplished this task, it gave us an opportunity to edit, revise, and evaluate our About Me pages.

The students used an app from the Google Store called My World to add interest to their page.  They created their world, took a screenshot, and then described it on their About Me page.  Not only does this app allow you to drag items into the canvas that describe you and your personaility, but it also analyzes these items and gives the creator some feedback regarding their interests.  The program tells you the type of person you are and suggests some fields of study for when you attend college.  We had fun using this app!

Here’s an example:

The World of Vazquez

The World of Vazquez

Please click on our Student Blogs located on the right-hand side of the page to view some of the About Me pages created by the students.  Look for the “About Me” tab located on the top of their Home Page.

Have you created an About Me page?  If so, what web tools have you used to make your page interesting?

Whoa, What’s That?…Digestion


My class and I did a awesome science lab! What we did was awesome because our class got pantyhose and oatmeal and  put a knot in on the end of one side of the pantyhose. Next my group and I put the oatmeal in the pantyhose and tied a knot on the other side of the pantyhose. Last we pushed the oatmeal through the pantyhose, and all the liquid was coming out of the pantyhose into a bucket.  That’s what my class and I called nutrients. The reason that they called it nutrients was because the science lab my class was doing was about the small intestine. After my group and I got mostly all the nutrients out of the oatmeal, it weighed  6 oz but when all the nutrients was in the oatmeal it weighed 10 oz. This is how the small intestine sucks up nutrients and then sends it to the blood cells. For or me, it was a awesome science lab.

Does your class do any science experiments?  If so, what was your favorite?